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Victoria Park Health Centre want your time at Leicester University to be happy and healthy. You, like everyone else arrives at university with different experiences and ideas about sex. 

Some methods rely on you remembering to take or use them, such as the contraceptive pill or condoms. Others have no opportunity for the user to forget to administer and are more permanent, such as the contraceptive injection or IUD.

Condoms are currently the only method to protect against both pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

Victoria Park Health Centre offer the broad range of contraceptive services. Make an appointment with one of our Nurses to discuss your options.


To help you make this decision use the My Contraception Tool tohelp you choose.

With there being 15 methods of contraception (preventing pregnancy) available in the UK today, how do you know whats the best for you?

Click the link and answer the questions and it will suggest methods to suit you and your lifestyle.

N.B. Whatever My Contraception Tool recommends, use a male or female condom to help protect yourself against sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

If you wish to request your repeat prescription for the Combined Oral Contraception Pill, an online request form is in development. In preparation, please ensure you have access to your online records

C Card Scheme

The C Card scheme provides FREE condoms to any person under the age of 25 in Leicester.

To find your closest registration point visit

Once you registered you will be able to bring your plastic card to our reception, and receive your free condoms.

Follow the below link to see other locations where you can collect condoms from.

C-Card Clinic and Service Finder

Useful websites

For further advise on Sexual Health and Contraception please visit either of the below extremely useful websites.

If you require any further assistance with Contraception and Sexual Health, please book an appointment to see Nurse Debbie or Nurse Louise. If neither of these are available you can book in to see a GP.

Advice leaflets