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Adult – New Problem

If you have a new medical problem and would like help with it.

Please select the problem you are experiencing from the list below:

Please submit one electronic form per problem. This may mean you are submitting more than one eConsult. This will allow us to gather more accurate information to help you and allow both you and the clinician to right amount of time to discuss all the problems you are experiencing. Please ensure you have UK mobile number contact number.

If you state more than one problem on your submitted form the Clinician select the problem they consider to be the most urgent. You then be required to submit further eConsult requests for each of the additional problems you are experiencing.

Please only submit an eConsult if you are registered with Victoria Park Health Centre and living in England. If you are abroad we are unable to help you. Please seek help locally.

If you are unable to find your problem within the list above please use – Get Help with my health problem